Neadle: Is Penney Really a Good Fit for Buffalo?

I like to consider myself an optimistic and sympathetic person. In addition, I find myself very analytical.


On the latter subject of analysis, what in the lacrosse god’s name were the Bandits thinking when drafting Eric Penney this year? As my favorite NFL Monday Night Countdown hosts like to say, “C’mon, man!”


The kid is 19 years old out of Rexdale, Ontario, a metropolitan area sitting geographically north of Hamilton. Penney is 6’1” and 215lbs: THAT’S NOT VERY LARGE. Those are similar dimensions to my stature and I know I would be unable to cover the goal and make it disappear.


Though Penney won a few awards during his participation on the St. Catherine’s Athletics (Junior A), he allowed way too many points per game to have a standing chance in the NLL. The Athletics losses were to point scales of 21, 13, 15, 11, 12 etc. The National Lacrosse League is already has a reputation for high scoring events and tons of shots in each game. Can Penney handle any more shots on goal?


In the 2012 season, Penney’s statistics resembled:


635 playing minutes

4 wins

6 losses

129 goals allowed

71 saves


129:71   —-> 71 x 2 = 142


That’s almost a 2:1 ratio of goals allowed to goals saved! I hope they aren’t paying more than a few Penney’s (GET IT? HA!). But seriously, this kid will need a ton of offseason work and preparation; sitting on the bench and practicing frequently will be to his benefit.


Buffalo already has decent goalies in Kurt Wagar and Anthony Cosmo; neither of who have been cut by the team, if my information serves me correctly. In my own opinion, Wagar has the perfect mentality and personality of a lacrosse goaltender. Cosmo brings experience from both playing the sport and playing on multiple opponent teams. Even as a backup or half-and-half split with Wagar, Cosmo also brings much to the table.


I think this recent acquisition of Eric Penney is ultimately a bust for the Buffalo Bandits. An unnecessary expenditure of the team. However, I previously mentioned I am optimistic and sympathetic. In hopes of success for the Bandits, I am optimistic that acquiring Penney was a thought out decision by the front office, and after some time in the league, on the team and practicing, Penney can fulfill his potential to be a consistent presence in front of the cage.

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