NLL Power Rankings: Rock Finish First


Well the regular season is now over…it was as exciting as we said it would be.  The Toronto Rock having a bye week claimed the top overall record in the NLL as Calgary defeated Edmonton.  Earlier in the evening, Rochester defeated Buffalo pushing themselves and Colorado into the playoffs.


  1. Toronto Rock  10-6   Clinched Best overall record and will have home field throughout the playoffs.         Team is well rested and primed for title run # 7     Next Game Round 1  vs Minnesota Swarm  April 28th   3pm

2.    Calgary Roughnecks  9-7     Big overtime win against Edmonton to give Calgary the NLL West Regular Season Tile.  Roughnecks seem to be on track as we head into the playoffs.  Question is can they get past Round 1??   Next game Round 1 April 27th  vs Colorado Time to be Announced

3.   Edmonton Rush  9-7  Hard fought overtime loss, and a tough one to accept.  Rush went 7-1 on the road and only 2-6 at home.  This loss not only gave Calgary the Wet title, but also gave the Rock best overall record and dropped the Rush to third in the division.   Next game Round 1  April 27th  at Washington  

4.   Washington Stealth  9-7   Defeated the Wings 17-13 giving them second in the west   Stealth look like the team in 2010, can they catch fire.    Next game  April 27th  vs Edmonton

5   Rochester Knighthawks  8-8  HUGE win for the defending champs 10-9.  If they would have lost to Buffalo, they would be sitting at home watching the playoffs as Colorado won also.  But instead the Bandits are outside looking in.  Matt Vinc is the #1 goalie with a 10.25 GAA. Does this Knighthawk team capable to repeat?  Can they bring a ring to the Dangerous one?  Next Game  Round 1  vs Philadelphia  (Rematch of last years first round)  Date and Time TBA

6.   Minnesota Swarm   7-9   Having a spot already clinched, thi was another team looking as if not to get hurt in the game.  With the loss, the Swarm go to 1-7 at home and will be the crossover team and face the Rock in round one   Next Game  Round one  at Toronto  April 28th  3pm

7    Philadelphia Wings  7-9  Even if the Wings won, they still be going to Rochester.  They looked like they played the game not to get hurt, instead of trying to play a spoiler.  If they play this way in round one it will be ugly.  If they play as they did in their last two home wins…it could be their first playoff win since 2001

8.   Colorado Mammoth  7-9   Big win over the Swarm as they had to play a hard 55 minutes as the final score in Rochester was announced with just under five minutes to play letting the Mammoth know they were in.  The victory also has them staying in the West for round 1.  Young goalie, offense if firing…this team could cause some problems!!   Next game  April 27th  at Calgary  Time to be announced

9    Buffalo Bandits  6-10   Loss to Rochester ended their season, goaltender Anthony Cosmo out with concussion. Team must now look at the offseason, they could have had the #1 pick this year but that went to Minnesota in the Cosmo trade.  Lot of questions to be answered!!!   Will Cosmo return?  Could Wager be a starter for the Bandits?  Did we see Johnny Tavares’ last NLL game?  Will Kilgour return behind the bench.  Will there be a total rebuild of the Bandits?  7 ½ months til camp opens for them….we shall see.

     Time for the playoff ride!!!!!    Like a roller coaster we are starting the climb to the first drop….who will stay strapped in?, who will be bounced out?   Will there be any upsets?    Some figures for thought….

Minnesota Swarm (6-2 road)  @ Toronto Rock (5-3 home)  only meeting  @ Minnesota 13-12 Swarm win

Philadelphia Wings (3-5 road) @  Rochester (3-5 home) Rochester won season series 2-1 (20/10, 8/10, 14/7)

Edmonton Rush (7-1 road)  @ Washington Stealth (5-3 home) Wash. lost season series 2-1 (10/18, 12/10, 10/15)

Colorado Mammoth(4-4 road) @ Calgary Roughnecks (3-5 home) Cal.Won season series 2-1(12/13,19/12,12/11)


            LW                     Team                         Record

  1.   1                     Toronto Rock                   10-6

  2.   2 (-1)              Edmonton Rush                 9-7

  3.   3(+1)              Calgary Roughnecks          9-7

  4.   4                     Washington Stealth            9-7

  5.   5                     Rochester Knighthawks     8-8

  6.   6                     Minnesota Swarm              7-9

  7.   7                     Philadelphia Wings            7-9

  8.   8                     Colorado Mammoth           7-9

  9.   9                     Buffalo Bandits                  6-9