NLL Predictions Standings: You Gotta Fight, For Your Right, To Party


Half way through the NLL 2014 season, the In Lacrosse We Trust staff have been scuffling amongst each other for the top spot in their predictions race. These midseason standings bring to light not only who predicts the most accurately, but who also gets lucky the most.

A win (correct prediction) is worth 2pts. A loss/non participation is a one point deduction per.


Di Miller    32
Ian Neadle    26
Jim Flannery    26
Dan Pattison    23
Nicole Sulinski    23
Pat Gregoire    22
Rocco Granato    18
Marisa Ingemi    11
Brendan Staudt    10
Jordan Hernandez     6

We, as a staff, are excited for the second half of one of the most exciting NLL seasons yet!