NLL Teams Can Re-Sign Players Today, New Free Agents October 30

With the National Lacrosse League CBA being agreed upon, the league is wasting no time with free agency with players being able to be signed today.

Today teams can re-sign their own Unrestricted and Restricted free agents and franchise their own players; only one player can be franchises this season under the new CBA. Players over 34 can turn a franchise offer. The deadline to franchise a player is by October 29th.

By October 30th, teams can begin to speak with and sign free agents, Unrestricted and Restricted, from other teams and also sign “street free agents” who were not on a roster and players who finished last season on a practice roster.

Players now become free agents at age 30 instead of age 32, affecting who is and who not is a free agent for the 2014 season. Teams have to get busy before training camps open, so expect to see a lot of signings and transactions in the coming days.