NLL Training Camp: Stealth Have Interesting Roster Choices to Make

Photo by Richard Olson

The Washington Stealth had gone to back to back Champions Cups before falling off the face of the earth last season as the only NLL team to not make the playoffs. To their credit, they have been making the moves this off season, and have some tough decisions before the end of training camp on December 20th.

Starting just with the goalie situation, they have three backups on roster. Chris Seidel, Nick Patterson and Kevin Croswell. Croswell played fantastic in the summer and last NLL season when he saw action. Meanwhile, Patterson is a veteran who had some very good seasons in Minnesota.

On defense, they have a ton of players coming on. Sure fire bets for the roster are Jeff Moleski, Eric Martin, Chris McElroy, Matt Beers, Kyle Sorensen, Curtis Hodgson, Kyle Ross and Chris O’Doughtry. Other than that, who has a shot?

The Stealth’s top draft pick Tyler Garrison looked good in the rookie camps, so he has a good shot. Also rookies Justin Pychal. Tim Henderson and Bill Hostrawser will be making attempts at the roster.

Ben McCullough recently signed out of free agent camp, while Justin Salt was on the practice squad last season. Also in camp are David Joyce and Patrick O’Meara.

If there is one thing we know about the Stealth, it is they like to shoot. Just look at their offense with Rhys Duch, Lewis Ratcliff and Athan Iannucci, who are all coming off of good summers.

Also on board is Jeff Zywicki, who they will have to hope is healthy for the entire 2013 season. There is no doubt they missed his play making abilities last year when he was on the shelf.

Brett Bucktooth was good last year when he came in, and second year player Brett Hickey is also a good bet for the roster. Dean Hill re-signed with the team after a pretty good 2012 campaign.

Also in camp are Jerome Thompson, Martin Cummings, Peter Jacobs, Mitchell Jones, Mike Mollory, Ryan Johnson and Kyle Buchanan.

Transition will be interesting for the Stealth. They have a good face off man in Bob Snider, and now Seattle native Drew Snider is trying out at camp. Snider has a strong history in lacrosse with Maryland and the Denver Outlaws.

Rookie TJ Cowx will also be fighting it out with recent signing Mitch McMichael.

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