Noble Brothers Ready for Kodiaks

Earlier last week Major Series Lacrosse held its draft where the Ajax Rock held the top pick. They traded that pick to the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks, who then held the first and second overall selections. They used those picks to draft a pair of brothers.

“I am very excited about being drafted to the same team as my brother.” said Jeremy Noble “I have played with him my whole life and now to take the next step in our lacrosse careers together is something very special to the both of us.”

“Being drafted to the same team as my brother is an awesome feeling.” said Jason Noble. “We’ve been playing together all our lives and it’s just not the same playing on different teams so I am glad we can stay together.”

Jason Noble was the second pick in the draft. He played college ball with the Cornell Big Red and some box lacrosse with Orangeville Northmen, and has won a Minto Cup with them.

“Being a top two draft pick is an amazing feeling.” says Jason. “It’s even greater when you look at how strong the draft this year was and how many good players there are. I had no idea where I would be getting picked so I am very humbled to be picked where I did and am very excited for the summer.”

Jeremy, meanwhile, also played with Orangeville and plays college ball at the University of Denver. He was the top overall pick this season. “I feel very fortunate about being the top draft pick this year. There is so much talent in this 91 age group and I am very honored to be taken first overall.”

Both players will be members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks in 2013. Last season, the Kodiaks were in fifth place, just ahead of the two win Ajax Rock.

“I am very excited to play for the Kodiaks.” said Jeremy. “They have a great GM in Steve Dietrich and one of the best coaches out there in John Lovell. I have been fortunate enough to be coach by John before and I am looking forward to the opportunity to play for him again. The Kodiaks have a great young team and a lot of Orangeville guys which I am very excited about. I have been teammates with a lot of these guys before and can’t wait to step on the floor with them again.”

“I am very excited about playing in Kitchener this summer.” Jason says. “It will be tough trying to come back and play right away when I am done school so I hope I can earn a roster spot once I return home and am looking forward to the challenge. There are also a few Orangeville guys on the team and it will be good to get a chance to play with them again and to continue to play with some of my current team mates.”