Notre Dame Lacrosse Joining ACC

With Syracuse joining the ACC in a few years, they will be joining the already super conference of Virginia, Duke, Maryland and North Carolina. Well, that conference just got a little bit stronger.

This will be official whenever the Fighting Irish leave the Big East according to the ACC, but that timeline has not been announced. Yes, Notre Dame lacrosse will now be a part of the super conference ACC.

This will also make the ACC an automatic qualifier for the post season tournament. Notre Dame has always been a strong lacrosse team, playing against Duke in the Championship game three years ago.

The ACC has been well represented in the past few years- Virginia played Maryland for the Championship in 2011 and Maryland made another appearance in 2012 though they lost to Loyola.

The ACC has been searching for that extra team to make them an automatic qualifier, and they seem to have found it. How huge is this for college lacrosse? We will find out in the coming years.