Offseason Check In: Penn State Looks Forward to BIG TEN Conference

One of the most talented recruiting classes is heading for the turf with Penn State’s 2015 team.  This group is going to make a huge contribution to the Nittany Lions, especially as they are hoping to keep the strong team-centered momentum that the graduating seniors of 2014 worked so hard to create.  It is looking as though Jack Donnelly and JP Burnside will be stepping up and taking the lead as returning starters and it will be exciting to see how they play in the leadership positions on the team.

The Lions will surely be missing the strong field presence of Kaut, Sturgis, and LaCrosse, but the incoming freshman and returning upperclassmen are eager to start the season. 

In a press conference with Penn State Athletics, head coach Jeff Tambroni explained how excited he and the rest of the coaching staff were to welcome the incoming freshman and their families to Penn State. 

At the Annual Friends and Family weekend, the team had a chance to get some playing time in and had the opportunity to scrimmage one another, along with the alumni game, where returning players had the opportunity to take the field with their teammates again.

It is bit early to tell, but the 2015 season for Penn State looks promising.  They have some new talent, strong returners, and a head coach that is excited and ready to bring the team to work. Also, let’s not forget the new lacrosse conference: BIGTEN, which will host PSU, Maryland, and Hopkins, amongst others.