One on One with Jeremy Boltus

Yesterday I spoke with Jeremy Boltus of the Charlotte Hounds. Here is what he had to say.

What has this season been like? : This season has been quite a roller coaster for myself.  It all started in doubt of whether I could actually play this season or not, and I ended up finding out about a few weeks before our first game when I arrived in Oklahoma.  As everyone can tell by the standings, we are not in the position we would like to be at this point in the season but you never know what can happen in this league.  I remember last year for Hamilton we started out real bad, but then strung multiple wins together so its all about getting hot at the right time.

How have you enjoyed playing in Charlotte? : I have enjoyed playing in Charlotte for sure.  It started from day 1 when they picked me up in the Expansion Draft and just seeing the advertisements and what they are trying to do for a new city like CLT has been really impressive.  Also, the guys in the front office and staff have been first class in regards to my special situation and the group of guys they put together for the team has also been a blast getting to know and play with each other.
What do you need to do to get back on track? :  We just need to focus on the things we can control to get back on track.  Cant listen to all the people who say we cant do this or can’t do that.  We know what type of team we are capable of being and its encouraging knowing that we still haven’t played our best FULL game yet as a complete unit.  There have been certain highs throughout the season, but if we can start to piece it all together for a full game we really believe we can see some positive results.
What do you take out of last week’s loss? :  We can take that we played with the defending champs pretty even in the first half.  Like I stated earlier, lacrosse is a full game measuring stick so we need to play another half like we did the first.  AG is really playing well for us in net and we have confidence he can keep that going as well.  Offensively, just need to continue to play unselfish and share the ball because we are best as a unit when the ball is moving and the defense cannot prepare where the attack is coming from.
What do you plan for with Ohio? :  We need to just get better each week and focus on ourselves.  This is a huge game for both of us, we know we did our part in CLT defeating Ohio the first time but we need to go on the road and prove that we are capable of getting our first road win for the franchise.  Ohio is going to come out blazing and we understand that, but if we can rise above our opponents energy and play with passion, we are confident we can see the result we all are looking for.  Should be a great contest and looking forward to seeing what the Ohio area has to offer.
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