One on One with Radek Skala

European lacrosse is taking off and for the first time we are seeing great players as a part of it. We caught up with top scorer Radek Skala about his experience.1. Thoughts on the first weekend of the season?

I think the first ELL weekend was great. I was looking forward for the box lacrosse because in Czech we played just field in the last two months, a plus my team won so I think there was no mistake the first tournament went well.

2. What worked so well with you scoring this week?

Lots of my goals were from break situations or after great passes from my teammates in front of the net.

3. The Custodes had a huge week, what did you do well?

I i think the result is good but I also think that we can play better lacrosse. But I belive our game will be better and better inĀ  the next tournament.

4. How has boxla grown in the Czech Republic?

4. I think box lacrosse in Czech Republic is stagnant right now. But this year we are going to have new system of the league which should be more atractive so I hope it will help to growth of box lacrosse here.”