PBLA: Outlaws Prepare to Defend Title

Hey PBLA fans and players, it nearly time. Opening night is rapidly approaching and we have big plans for this season.

As you may know, LaxPhilly is now a part of InLacrosseWeTrust. Clearly, that result in even more lacrosse fans reading what is going on in the PBLA!On a personal note, Nickie is coming back to run the game clock and record all the stats, and I will be returning to do the shot clock …(so be nice!).

Due to work schedule change, I will be available to update the stats and file reports the night of the game. We also plan to feature a “Game of the Week”….to achieve these goals, we are asking for some help.

As you, the players and staff know, the game jerseys are not usually ready for Opening night. Here is what I need….I need a team representative, coach, player, fan whomever to come to our box and simply give me the name of the player who generated a stat. (Goal scorer, assist, penalty).

This will help gain a more correct data base for the stats. Once the names and jerseys are sorted out, we can figure for ourselves….

The PBLA had a great season, lots of fun and some really exciting, drama filled finishes…

To prepare for the 2013 Season, I am doing a Season Preview for Every team….with that being typed, what better team to start with that the defending Champions, The Outlaws.

2012 saw the Outlaws dominate the league, except for the Beer Wolves, the Wolves knocked off the Outlaws in a late season tilt which set up the 2012 Doreen Menschner Cup Championship.

Once again, Joe Stainer will lead the Outlaws, who will have a different look this season.

Stainer has to overcome a gruesome facial injury resulting in surgery. Stainer was hit in the eye while on the bench during a pre-season practice. The injury will result in future surgeries as well. 

The Outlaws are apparently losing two big guns, Dr. Tim O’Connor and George Castle. Both were dominant left hand players. (O’Connor is ambidextrous).

To replace them, the Outlaws have added two natural lefties. A veteran player who understands the feeds and places to be in box lacrosse, Jay Weeden.

Wity Breuemmer, an exciting finisher and feeder/playmaker is eager to learn more of the nuances and finer points of the box game.

Bruemmer and Stainer teamed and played well together in the Liberty League, leading their team to the League Championship and amassing ten points between them.

Thanks to Joe Stainer and the Outlaws!!!

More from Joe Stainer coming soon as we sit down and do an exclusive one on one….

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