Penn State Faces 1-5 UMass

The University of Massachusetts will host Penn State on Saturday, for the Nittany Lion’s third straight road game. The team has been touring New England for spring break, and will round out their travels against the Minutemen.

Last Spring, the two met for a tough match, where the Blue and White came up short in the last quarter.

This year, the Minutemen boast talents on offense with Sophomore Nick Mariano. Mariano has scored multiple points in every game so far this season. His talents will prove to be a challenge for the Nittany Lion Defense, and for Darcey in Goal.

Penn State has had a tough time on the road this past week. After losing to Harvard on Saturday, and Barely making it past Marist on Tuesday, the team is in need of a severe morale boost. They are hoping that visiting the Minutemen will result in a victory.

Their Strength lies on the back of Sanders, who scored five goals on Tuesday against Marist. Kreinz is also a driving force behind the success of Penn State, as he wins his face-offs like a professional. His exceptional ability in the face-offs will certainly help the Nittany Lions this weekend.

Although both teams have their strengths, it may be difficult for the Nittany Lions to pull a win out this weekend, as they are worn out from their road sequence. These two teams have a history of close matches, and this weekend’s game will be no different. The victory this weekend will be claimed by the team that uses their scoring ability while the other team’s defense is struggling.