PLL Going to Try to Start Season

According to multiple sources, Graham D’Alvia is now the commissioner of the Professional Lacrosse League. (Has there ever been more news about a league to never play a game, by the way?) However, the New Jersey Rascals will not continue.

The league had an 11am meeting today where they voted D’Alvia as the leader of the league. Later, they announced that instead of the Reading Rockets vs New Jersey game, the Jacksonville Bullies will play the Charlotte Copperheads on Saturday.

So the season is now seven days away and the league is still very questionable. These two teams were set to play on Charlotte on the 22nd as well, but this game will be in Jacksonville if they can get it off.

This game- if it happens- is symbolic on a few levels. Both of these teams were announced as NALL teams over a year ago, and now they will play their first ever games in a structured league (if you want to call it that).

Stay tuned for updates on the remaining schedule and what happens with the PLL in the next week.