Presidents Cup: Saints and Axemen 1-0

The St. Catharines Saints (1-0) started off the 2013 Presidents Cup with a 15-6 win over the Calgary Mountaineers (0-2) on Monday morning. Chris Attwood (4G, 3A) and Dylan Llord led the way for the Saints with seven points each.  Matt Quinton (1G, 3A) and Tyler Melynk (1G, 3A) both scored four points for Calgary in the losing effort.  

Calgary plays the Capital Region Axemen (1-0) at 5 PM today in search of their first win of the tournament.

St. Catharines takes on the Onondaga Redhawks at 2 PM.


The Capitol Region Axemen scraped by with a 13-12 victory over the Redhawks yesterday.  The Axemen outscored the Redhawks 6-4 in the third period. Tim Bergin scored five points offensively for the Axemen to help secure a win.  Brett Bucktooth scored four goals and two assists in the loss.

Capitol Region also takes on Caughnawaga Indians (1-0) at 11 AM in Kahnawake today.


The Caughnawaga Indians outscored the Mountaineers 7-3 in the second period on route to their first win of the tournament with a 11-7 win. Miles and Lyles Thompson each scored two goals and three assists in the victory for the Indians.  Melynk scored seven points (5G, 2A) in the losing cause.

The Indians face the host’s Kahnawake Mohawks in the last game of the day at 8 PM.