QSLL: Ottawa, Kahnawake Mohawks, Lead the Charge

The Ottawa Axemen and Kahnawake Mohawks are both 7-1 and lead the standings in the Quebec Senior Lacrosse League. Meanwhile, the Vermont Voyageurs are three games back at 3-4 and Sherbrooke is five games back at 2-6. The Kahnawake Tomhawks are in last place at 0-7.

Three games took place this weekend. The first game of the weekend was on Saturday as Sherbrooke hosted the Mohawks. Kahnawake led 4-3 after one period and they never trailed in the game, taking an 11-8 victory.

Mathieu Lavoie led the Extreme with five points on the night and Dave LaPointe was second with four, also adding two goals. Sacha Gagnon made 36 saves in net. For the winning Mohawks, Mark Kirby and Ty Thompson each scored five points. Alex Kedoh Hill scored four along with Peter Jacobs. Derek Collins and Angus Goodleaf spent time in net, combining for 23 saves.

“In our first game against the Mohawks had all finished with 9 goals difference for them there a month. Since our team has progressed in a big way and tonight only three small goals difference that could go one way or the other late in the game ” said Sherbrooke head coach Paul Lehmann.

Later on that night, The Voyageurs grabbed their third win of the season as they defeated the Kahnawake Tomahawks 18-16. Vermont jumoed out to a 6-1 first period lead, but allowed Kahnawake back into the game when the Tomahawks scored nine goals in the third period to just three from Vermont. The game went into overtime where the Voyageurs outscored Kahnawake 3-1.

Nick Angus scored seven goals and eight points overall to lead the Tomahawks. Ben Green also added six while Owen Stacey and Peter Paul combined for 55 saves. For Vermont, Ethan Farrell put up eight points while Trevor Wagar had five. Vincent Talbot made 30 saves.

The next night the Voyageurs played the Mohawks, both teams coming off of Saturday wins. The game was tied at seven into the third period but once again Vermont allowed six goals in the third period to lose the game. Wagar scored seven and Joe Evans made 40 saves, but it wasn’t enough as Kedoh Hill scored six times for the Mohawks along with Jacobs.