Rattlers Outshine Nationals on Knighthawks Night

The Rochester Rattlers or at least a team masquerading ad the Rochester Rattlers destroyed the Hamilton Nationals last night 17-10. Lead by what can only be described as inspired play by Jordan Macintosh who had 5 goals and an assist. Macintosh always seemed to be open and found the back of the net each time. His goals also seemed to all come at opportune times mostly to keep thenRattlers up by at least 3.

The Rattlers blew the game open with a 6-1 second quarter run that was more about how well their defense played and sparked transition then how efficient the offense was.

Hamilton tried to make a game of it with a big third quarter but didn’t have the gas in the tank to make a comeback like they did last week. Joe Walters did everything he could to win this game for Hamilton though going for 3 goals and 3 assists one of the goals being a 2, for 7 total points. The Nationals just seemed to be missing a touch of the competitive fire from the week before.

The Rattlers showed that when they are on they can beat anyone, they got outstanding play from Joel White who the last two weeks has looked like a top LPM in the league. But White and Macintosh were not the only ones that played great in Ned Crottys absence it was a team effort. Kevin Leveille is back and looked even healthier then last week going for 3 goals and 1 assist. Kevin Drew, Roy Lang, and Matt Strieble each also had 1 & 1 but Striebel’s goal was a 2.

It was a great overall game for the Rattlers in which they looked like a playoff team for much of the game. If they can get this type of play from this team for the stretch run they are dangerous.

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