Lizards vs Outlaws Game Recap

The Long Island Lizards took on the Denver Outlaws in what looked to be a very close game, as with every point each team scored the apposing team came flying back out and started this all over again.

Denver & Long Island both scored 4 goals in the first half, and 1 goal in the third quarter.

During the 3rd quarter the same back and forth continued to go on, however at a much slower pace.
Denver ended the third with 3 goals, while Long Island had 2 goals to end the third, with a score of: 8-7 Denver UP!

Unfortunately this lead was not enough to help secure a win for Boston.

Long Island came out looking though for the fourth quarter.
After just a few minutes into the fourth quarter you could see that the Outlaws had already left the game (mentally).
Long Island saw this and decided to capitalize.
In the last quarter of the game, Long Island went crazy and unloaded another 7 points atop of their previous score, and held Denver scoreless in the 4th.

The final score was: 8-14 with Long Island taking the win!

One interesting note was the showing of Brendan Mundorf in last weeks game.
Mundorf scored 6 goals (a sock trick), and was once again named as the MLL Weekly Offensive MVP. After having such an amazing game last game, Mundorf was basically silent in this game, with only getting 1 assist. Hopefully Mundorf will figure out what went wrong.