Re-Lax™ Pocket Maker™ Changes Lacrosse

Introduced at the National Lacrosse Convention this January in Philadelphia, Re-Lax Pocket Maker is an instant nylon conditioner that breaks in a lacrosse pocket in seconds!  This patent-pending formula penetrates the mesh to condition and enhance its properties.  Hard mesh is immediately transformed from being stiff and ungiving to soft and stretchy.  A pocket is then easily formed whether it’s custom or pre-strung.


Using Re-Lax is simple.  Spray it on hard mesh, work it in, create a pocket and then rinse the mesh.  Once dry, the mesh retains all of its original characteristics including grip.


Re-Lax can also be used to Spray and Play which means that players with a new stick can apply the product, work it into the mesh, create a pocket and join the game.  After the game, the pocket should be rinsed and allowed to dry.


Re-Lax was created by Jean Alexander Cosmetics – a small, family company that mainly produces personal care products.  After hearing a lacrosse coach tell a player to get some hair conditioner to break in his pocket, the company decided it was time to offer something far better.


Visit and use promotional code PM2014 to get the intro price!

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**Be sure to look for a personal written review by Ian Neadle in the upcoming weeks!**