Report: Bandits Land Benesch

According to a report from Teddy Jenner of Off the Crosse Bar, the Buffalo Bandits have traded for Ryan Benesch and Andrew Watt. It was later confirmed by Steve Bermel from NLL Radio.According to the report the Bandits will send draft picks to the Minnesota Swarm, which is interesting because the Bandits do not have a first round draft pick for this year’s draft. The Swarm are known for stockpiling high draft picks.

The Bandits lost their first round pick by trading Anthony Cosmo to the Swarm last off season. Some reports say it is a first and second in 2015 and a second in 2016.

Benesch has been one of the top scorers in the NLL since he joined the Swarm, and he was eighth in the league in scoring last season. Benesch can add some more lefty depth to a Bandits team that could lose John Tavares and Shawn Williams.

Watt is a lefty transition man that would be just the second trannie on that side with the Bandits after Jordan Critch. This trade has been in the works for a few weeks but sources say that it took a while because the Bandits are relunctant to move more draft picks.

Stay tuned for more on this trade including which draft picks go to Minnesota.