Rochester Looks to Avenge Loss to Charlotte

Charlotte, NC—Entering their second meeting in the past week, and their third meeting in both team’s last four games, the Rattlers, one of the best MLL teams on paper, are looking to avoid an 0-3 start, while the Hounds (1-1) look to have a winning record for the first time in franchise history. Last August, the Hounds played spoiler by beating the Rattlers 15-14 and keeping them from taking the last seed in the playoffs. On May 5th, Pete Poillon powered the Hounds offense, recording five oif the Hounds’ 15 goals in their win in Rochester. The Rattlers and Hounds are both looking for something to prove, and the fans in Charlotte tomorrow will be in for a treat.

 Keys to the Game

Hounds:  Shut down Ned Crotty (2g, 1a in the May 5th meeting), force them to have to attack from the midfielders up top, who are only mediocre compared to Hound’s middies such as Jovan Miller, Pete Pollion and Josh Amidon. Eric Lusby and Ryan Young will have to step up, as the Rattlers will have all their focus on the Poillon (6g, 2a) and Danowski (6g, 1a, if he plays).

Rattlers: Step up the defensive play, the Rattlers have allowed an average of 16 goals in their first two games this season. They’re being torched by players going iso, and need to have their slides coming in quicker. If they want to stop the Hounds, they’ll need to play body, and make the Hounds think twice before going to the goal. If Danowski (7-points against the Outlaws) plays, the Rattlers need to lock him off, and have Ryan Young and Eric Lusby run the offense instead.

Predicted Final Score: Hounds: 16, Rattlers: 10