Rock Release Roger Vyse, Mike Hobbins

Toronto Rock General Manager Terry Sanderson has announced the release of two more players from training camp.  Forward Roger Vyse and defenceman Mike Hobbins have been released.

“Every decision in camp is incredibly difficult,” said Rock Head Coach John Lovell.  “We won a championship with Mike in 2011 here in Toronto and Roger came in last season and did a great job for us.  We thank them for their contributions to our success and wish them the best of luck in the future.”

The release of Hobbins and Vyse bring Toronto’s total number of players in camp down to 27.  The team needs to get down to a 20-man active roster, along with a maximum 4-man practice player roster, by Monday, December 16th.


Training Camp Roster:


Forwards (9):


Colin Doyle, Stephan Leblanc, Josh Sanderson, Jeff Swift, Garrett Billings, Kasey Beirnes, Rob Hellyer, Brenden Thenhaus, Eric Law


Defencemen (15):


Jesse Gamble, Sandy Chapman, Stephen Hoar, Patrick Merrill, Chris White, Rob Marshall, Bill Greer, Mike Lum-Walker, Kyle Belton, Damon Edwards, Scott Johnston, Ethan O’Connor, Mike Woods, Craig England, Dustin Dunn


Goaltenders (3):


Nick Rose, Zak Boychuk, Craig Wende


Yesterday, the Rock announced their first training camp roster moves when they released Scott Evans, Bradley Kri, Alex Lubczuk and Eric Pitre.


Next up for the Rock is their second preseason matchup, which happens this Saturday night at 7pm against the Rochester Knighthawks at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville, Ontario.  Seating is limited to approximately 800 spectators and there is no charge for admission.

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