Roster Size Reduced After New CBA

If you thought making an NLL team was difficult in the past, it just became harder.  With a new CBA now in place from 2014-2020 (7 yrs) teams will only be allowed to have 20 players on the active roster (down from 23), practice squad goes up from 3 to 4 they will also only be able to dress 18 players per game.  So overall in years past we had 23 active 3 practice squad giving you 26 players.  Now under the new CBA teams will have a total of 24 (20 Active, 4 Practice Squad)

This will make it very interesting as when you look at the rosters of the nine teams the players who would make the practice squad will be out, and the players that are healthy scratches would go towards the practice squad. This could also mean some of these players being picked up by other teams, maybe a trade.

The reduction of players will obviously save teams and the league money.  With the list of free agents that are out there, you may start to see some players moving closer to home.  One example is Edmonton Rush forward Ryan Ward, he is an unrestricted free agent, still has a home in Minnesota, and would be a perfect fit to replace Ryan Benesch who was traded to Buffalo.

All we know is that this camp will be very interesting for all nine teams.