Salisbury Opens Season With 14-3 Win Over Greensboro

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Salisbury kicked its season off with a 14-3 win over  Greensboro on Sunday thanks to four-point days from standouts Rhett DePol and Donovan Lange. The Seagulls would score six goals before Greensboro found the net on Alex Taylor, a task that proved difficult as the netminder saved 10 of the 13 shots he faced for the game.

This was the lacrosse equivalent of an FCS team traveling to the Big House to play Michigan, only if said FCS team had invited Michigan to thrash them in front of their home fans. If there was anyone who benefitted from the trip, it was 250 fans in attendance who got to see what the peak of the game looks like. Let the records show, however, that Jaegar Carlyle scored the first goal for Greensboro and Brodie Ceperich scored the second before Salisbury got its seventh.

What Salisbury will take is the production it got from its attack trio of DePol, Brady Dashiell and Jessie Rabishaw. Despite a pointless effort from Rabishaw, the Seagull attack still produced three goals and four assists, with DePol posting a 2-2 day and Dashiell a 1-2 outing.

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