Shamrocks prepare to fight for their lives in game six

On Friday Night game six of the Mann cup will be played. The Chiefs come into the Mann Cup leading the series 3-2 giving them a chance to win the Mann Cup tonight. The Shamrocks come into this game playing for survival trying to force a pivotal game seven.

In order to win the Chiefs need to continue to be aggressive. The Chiefs offense overwhelmed the Shamrocks last game and they will need to continue this aggressive style of play. Cody Jamieson has been the catalyst for the Chiefs offense notching 22 points in the series. Jamieson will need to continue to spark the offense and lead this team. The Chiefs will need to pick their game up on defense as the Shamrocks have proven that they can overtake any lead and will never give up so the Chiefs need to avoid mistakes on defense and try to limit shots on net.

In order for the Shamrocks to win they need to continue to create pressure. The Shamrocks have been able to create pressure in every game of this series and have been outshooting the Chiefs. The Shamrocks will need to keep constant pressure as they need to keep pace with the Chiefs and be able to score. The Chiefs have done a good job of keeping the Shamrocks off the scoreboard the Shamrocks will need to change this either by trying new lines together or by trying to spread the ball out more to create more space on the floor. In the end the Shamrocks will need to dig deep in game six if they want to force a game seven.

My prediction is that the Shamrocks will come out firing and pull off the victory in game six and force game seven on Saturday.