Siena Offseason Looks Promising; Good Preparation for 2015

This past 2014 offseason has been nothing but excellent for Siena lacrosse. Many players, both current and former, participated in international tournaments, recruiting programs are in place, and the fall ball schedule has been released.

Let’s look at all the experiences these current athletes are attaining:

1) FIL World Championships in Denver:

Two current and two former Siena players were on Team England and others this summer to compete in Denver. Though England placed fifth (which is not terrible out of 40 teams), they played many different professional and international athletes and teams, culminating in even more, fantastic lacrosse experience.

Members included Max Bonsall (2015, England), Colin Clive (2014, England), Chris Zarins (2009, Latvia) and Faus Bernabos (2010, Argentina).

2) Alumni Weekend Sept 20-22

Let’s be honest, most alumni want to come back and go out partying with old friends and current teammates. However, these weekends are home to both high quality lacrosse and high quality party.

I think the Siena Alumni game won’t be anything venue-selling, but a good bonding experience between old and new players. Maybe some old school lacrosse IQ can be passed down to the newer guys.

3) Prospect Camp on October 11

This is not a recruitment camp. For $100 (cheap as hell in lacrosse) high school players are granted an opportunity to be coached by current Siena coaches under the Siena umbrella. These players will have their eyes opened to what it’s like playing NCAA ball as well as get their feet in the door for potential future participation.

There’s benefit here for the coaches, as well. they can scope out (in a broad sense) what experiences high school players are coming in with, what needs working on, what might fit in a future game plan, etc. They can warm up their coaching techniques for the season and even get current players involved.

4) Lacrosse Irony: Catamount Classic – Lacrosse for a Cure Scheduled same day as Prospect Camp

So who will coach the team at the tournament? This fall ball tournament raises awareness and funds for various medical diseases and potential cures. It’s also a time of banging rust out of those sticks from summer rains and get back onto track with your team.

Siena will potentially play: Vermont, Adelphi, Bentley and RMU.


Siena will surely surprise yet again this season. Last season was not the peak of their abilities, merely an inclining ramp for future success.