Suitor Trade Leaves Swarm With Long Term Concerns

The Minnesota Swarm traded captain Andrew Suitor for New England Black Wolves captain Joel White.   This trade on paper appears to be an even trade as both players have had similar seasons and the extra 2nd pick is nice, however, it’s going to be a shocker for fans this Friday to see their captains in opposite colors.

Via Twiter, Suitor had this to say: Excited to be apart of the @NEBlackWolves going to be weird playing on the other side of the hive !  Huge thank you to all the @Minnesota_Swarm fans you guys are unbelievable and it has been a pleasure to play infront of you for 5 years

Joel White had the following statement on his twitter page: Thank you to the @NEBlackWolves for everything this season. Excited to start a new chapter w/ @Minnesota_Swarm and get after it at the hive!

Swarm owner, John Arlotta was quoted as saying the trade was difficult, but “our record the past two seasons have not met the expectations of our organization.”

The Swarm barely made the playoffs in 2013.   Out of 35 players from that roster, 9 remain.   75%  changeover.   There was another drastic changeover from the  2014 to 2015 season.  Watching that team, you can see every player is committed to winning, especially Suitor.   No one on that team just shows up.  They come to win; it just doesn’t always work out that way.

The problems with not meeting expectations do not lie on the turf.  If the Swarm  ownership is concerned with not meeting expectations, perhaps they need to make changes in other areas.

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