Niagara Lock Monsters Off to Great Start

The Niagara Lock Monsters kicked off their 2014 campaign with a statement, picking up two convincing victories while outscoring their opponents 30-12 on home turf at Seymour Hannah Arena in St. Catharines. On Saturday, Niagara opened their season against the last place finisher from 2013, the Barrie Blizzard. The Lock Monsters started the game flat, trailing 5-1 half way through the second quarter but clawed back to add 11 unanswered goals…

February 6, 2014

NCAA: Fall Ball Comes to a Quiet End

November 1, 2013

Alex Urquhart                 This year’s Fall Ball has seemed to fly by, but maybe that’s because of the outstanding games that took place. Along with these amazing games the Lacrosse community had a little bit of a heartache when it was announced that Cornell would participate in any scrimmages this fall, due to a hazing incident. Fortunately for the Lacrosse community was saved by the Orangemen of Syracuse, who took…


Demons look to repeat in 2013

December 14, 2012

As the 2012 Clax season approaches let’s take a look at the defending creators champs the Oshweken Demons. The Demons last year were lead by a marvelous season from Chris Atwood who had 35 goals and 37 assists to lead the team in scoring with 77 points. Atwood will need to try to replicate this success in 2013 as he was the catalyst for the Demons offense last season. If…


Canadian Lacrosse Association Issues New Fighting Rules, And No One Likes It

December 13, 2012

In case you missed this with all of the MLL news happening yesterday, the Canadian Lacrosse Association decided it would be a good idea to now eject players for fighting. Essentially, that’s banning fighting. Players, media, and fans do not like this, as you can see below: I wonder whose idea it was to pass the no fighting rule. You think head shots were bad before wait til this season starts. #pisspoorrule —…


Moving On From CLax Player to Coach

December 10, 2012

Hello again, its been a long hiatus since my last blog but a lot has gone on in the world of Brandon Turner. After a fantastic first ever Clax season the future looked bright, I was starting to get my game back after a concussion in 2010 and feeling better than ever. Then Murphys Law kicked in as we all know it loves to do and it came in the…


CLax Previews: Toronto Shooting Stars

December 6, 2012

Toronto is yet another one of the new teams added to the Canadian Lacrosse League in 2013, moving away from Oshawa. Toronto, last season known as the Oshawa Machine, did not make the playoffs and are looking to find a way in this year. Brad Levick led the team in 2012 with 55 points, and behind him was Jackson Gair with 36. Last season Brendan Muise scored 12 points in…


CLax Previews: Niagara Lock Monsters

December 4, 2012

Niagara, formerly the Peel Avengers, are looking to wreck havoc with the Canadian Lacrosse League. They have some new players in place and are looking to be a 2013 playoff team. Derek Collins is gone to Barrie, so the only goaltender they have from last year is Zach Bowen. Andrew Potter out of St. Catharines was the team’s top pick, so they have high expectations for him and their second…


CLax Previews: Barrie Blizzard

December 1, 2012

The Barrie Blizzard enter 2013 as the only expansion team in the history of the Canadian Lacrosse League, and after taking talent from the other rosters, they look pretty good. Antony Lackey, a former Toronto Rock player, was selected from the Brampton Inferno. Colin Boucher from Durham, Travis Bland from Toronto, Jason Mainer from Toronto and Brice Queener from Niagara are all players of note who were picked. However, Bland…


Turf Dogs and Stars Finish in Exhibition Tie

November 27, 2012

The Canadian Lacrosse League began their pre season on Sunday when the Durham Turf Dogs and Toronto Shooting Stars played to a 12-12 tie. Scott Defrancesco of the Turf Dogs led all players with three goals. Blake Kenny of the Shooting Stars led all scorers with two goals and four assists. Other players of note on Toronto were Jackson Gair (2 goals 2 assists) and Tory Gardner (four penalty minutes)….


Niagara opens training Camp, While Turf Dogs look to take a bite out of Clax.

November 22, 2012

The Niagara Lock Monsters took another step towards their first Clax season as they opened their first ever training camp. The Lock Monsters saw great things from all their players but there were some that stood out above the rest. Andrew Tober showed no sign of slowing down and still looks to be one of the top transition players in the league. Dylan Llord played well at both ends of…