Moving On From CLax Player to Coach

Hello again, its been a long hiatus since my last blog but a lot has gone on in the world of Brandon Turner.

After a fantastic first ever Clax season the future looked bright, I was starting to get my game back after a concussion in 2010 and feeling better than ever. Then Murphys Law kicked in as we all know it loves to do and it came in the form of another concussion. With about 5 games left in the Sr B season a harmless fall led to this concky but it wasn’t very severe and after two weeks was back in action in time for the second round of the playoffs. Unfortunately after one game in and one dirty hit from a player that I wont name My symptoms were back in full effect and I was shut down indefinitely.

2 months off and I was starting to feel a bit better so I began to prepare for the coming Clax season. Things were on the upswing and the Turfdogs were looking to build off of our first place finish in the regular season and I was feeling great. Unfortunately as we all know with concussions symptoms can lay dormant for a while and then come back unexpectedly. This was the case for me. After about 3 weeks of camp my head just did not feel right and I could tell that it would negatively effect my game which would in turn harm my teammates. I reluctantly had to inform the Turfdogs staff and players that I could no longer play the game that I have loved since I was 4 years old.

To my joy and surprise Coach/GM Jason Crosbie and President/Coach Jonas Derks asked if I would like to help out as an assistant coach because as Cros put it best “You’d just show up to practices anyway and wander around like a lost puppy” I obviously accepted and now have a new challenge in front of me. To learn the ins and outs of coaching. I knew that when I was finished playing that I wanted to coach so this is a huge opportunity for me to learn from 2 great coaches and lacrosse minds. I made my start in coaching with the Toronto Beaches Intermediate A team this summer but coaching kids and coaching men is a totally different world. I am very grateful and excited for the new opportunity ahead and look forward to the new Clax season.

As the season goes on I will be writing about the ups and downs of making the transition from player to coach as well as everything that I will be trying to pick up from my fellow coaches with the Turfdogs. Again I cant thank Jason Crosbie and Jonas Derks enough for giving me the amazing chance to get a HUGE head start on my coaching career. I look forward to blogging this year and hopefully people will find my blogs interesting and more people than my dad and girlfriend read them haha.

Stay classy lacrosse world, exciting thing all throughout the lacrosse world from the top down should be an amzing year!