Talbot Blog: Voyageurs Split Weekend

Hello everyone! It feels like ages since my last blog entry. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and all of the great lacrosse that comes with the season.  We are well underway in our summer activities and even though it has been a rougher start than expected for the Voyageurs, it’s exciting to be playing with such a talented group in a league that keeps exceeding expectations in regards of the quality of its players.

Last weekend was a big one for our team and unfortunately, we couldn’t come out with two wins (1-1), something that we can’t really afford anymore. On Saturday, we hosted the Cornwall Island Redmen at the Essex Skating Facility in Essex, VT. The game ended up 18-5 in our favour and by only looking at the score; one could assume that it was an ordinary blow out.  A very cool story came out of that game though. Joe Evans earned his first win as a senior Voyageur and proved something very important to our team; he is a very solid goaltender! I’ve known Joe for a couple of years now and I’ve seen him improved drastically. He deserves a great amount of credit as he’s been the face of the junior team, earning his wings and helping the Voyageurs’ name to grow at the same time. It is always inspiring to see a story like that develop. Joe is a very competitive guy but he’s also humble and has always been willing to listen and learn from coaches and from myself, even though he’s my elder.

I think telling this story is a great way to start this summer’s entries. It goes to show that even when your team is facing strong adversity and frustrating results, you can still find positive things to keep you going.

Until next time!