Thoughts on the MLL All-Star Game

Yesterday’s All-Star game was a good one; the MLL really had a good showing in Boca Raton, Florida. The big drawback may be the technical difficulties through the second quarter. ESPN lost the feed a time or two, and there wasn’t any sound to be had in the first quarter. Hopefully that didn’t scare away too much viewers, because it was a good game.

They had a huge crowd down in Florida for the game last night, which is great. The great audience helps to tell the MLL that Florida could definitely be home to a MLL expansion team in 2014. The state loves the sport, and with Casey Powell living and coaching in South Florida, the sport is really taking off there. The crowd was great; they could be heard through the TV supporting the game; staying interested, and keeping the excitement level up. The reason for the audience being so in the game is that fact that there was a good game played last night.

Both the Young Guns and the Old School played a great game. We saw exciting diving goals, awesome behind the back goals, some great saves and even some long pole goals. Both teams came out firing, and the game stayed close the whole way through. Throughout the game there were some definite highlight-reel plays. One of those plays came from the highlight-reel man himself, Chazz Woodson. His first ever goal in an All-Star game was a really nice behind the back shot. Those kind of exciting and cool plays are what help keep the TV audiences’ attention. To someone who doesn’t know the sport, seeing something like that might make them want to continuing watching.

Despite the technical difficulties, the MLL really did put on a good show and hopefully a good argument for a new expansion team. The game was back and forth, and only a one-goal game in the end. The halftime events were exciting and a nice break from the game. Fans got to see Kyle Hartzell win the fastest shot competition with 111 mph and then see Brett Queener win the skills competition. All in all, the game was a success and it might not be a bad idea for the MLL to continue putting the All-Star game in potential expansion cities.