Trade Analysis: Resetarits to Rochester

Joe Resetarits finds himself on a now third team since originally being drafted by the Calgary Roughnecks in the first round of the 2012 NLL Entry Draft. The right handed forward and Hamburg, NY native Joe Resetarits was sent by the Buffalo Bandits to the Rochester Knighthawks in exchange for defender Jamie Batson at the recent trade deadline.
Resetarits as struggled as of late, putting up only seven goals in the ten games he has played for the Bandits in 2015. He has been benched several times, and just seemed to not be able to rebound back after having a career record setting season last year where he buried 25 goals and added 17 assists for 42 points on the season. With the emergence of Alex Kedoh-Hill on the right side, the writing was on the wall for the struggling Resetarits come deadline. So that being said, where does Resetarits fit in to the Hawks?
It is my firm belief that (at least for this season) Resetarits will be a depth player. The Knighthawks are no stranger to mid season injuries to star players (like Stephen Keogh, Craig Point, etc.) so he may be on the team in the same regard as Aaron Wilson. A player that can get the job done when called upon. It might be a stretch to see him in the lineup every game with how stacked the
Rochester offense is with guys like Cody Jamieson, Point, Keogh, Dawson, etc; however I think the change of scenery for Resetarits might be just hat he needs to get back on track. Resetarits is a player who always likes to play very close to the crease, so he may come in handy to the Knighthawks as they are in the hunt for their fourth straight NLL Championship.