Turner Blog: Turf Dogs 1-1 To Open Season

Hello again lacrosse world, or whatever part of the lacrosse world that cares what’s going on with this freshly retired player/ recently hired coach is his transition from the turf to the bench, glad to be back writing another blog for ILWT. So far the new lacrosse season has been pretty amazing. Close games and parity with every team in every league. As far as we go the Durham Turfdogs are keeping with the trend and are 1-1 with both of those games having been one goal differences, our loss coming in overtime.

Im beginning to learn that I have A LOT to learn about coaching. I thought that after coaching 2 seasons of U19 field and a season of intermediate A box that I would have a pretty good handle of whats gong on back there but I’ve come to the realization that coaching “pro” is miles ahead of anything that I had done in the past, but as of now I’m loving it. Hopefully the Tdogs can continue playing solid lacrosse and we can get back in the win column this weekend. Last weekend we had our home opener and although we laid an egg in the first quarter spotting a hungry Toronto team a 5-0 lead, we battled back and ended up taking the game to overtime where we unfortunately lost on a bounce shot from Derek Hopcroft.

After our abomination of a first quarter our defense tightened up and we shut down the Stars holding them to only 3 more goals the rest of the game and shutting them out in the 4th quarter allowing our offense to get us back in the game. Shane Scott has been lights out so far this year and has even tossed in a fight, not something we want our leading scorer to do all the time but he stood up for himself and did well in the scrap, which surprised me because he had never struck me as the scrapper type. Zach Higgins had an awesome game in net coming in after we hung out John Cheesborough in the first quarter.

This week we get to spend our Superbowl Sunday together as we head the the Rez to play the 0-2 Iroquois Ironmen, they will be a hungry bunch still looking to get into the win column and they are always tough to play against in their barn but I think our boys will come in their and snag a W before Ray Lewis rides into the sunset as on of the (IMO) top 2 linebackers of all time. Pretty good little Sunday if you ask me.

So until next time, take it easy Lacrosse world.