Vincent Talbot Blog: Exhibition vs US Devo team

This past weekend the Vermont Voyageurs hosted the USA Developmental team. It was a good opportunity for some of our players to showcase what they can do in different situations. I think the team did good overall and we ended the weekend one and one.

I was the backup for the weekend, letting the chance to two of our goalies to show what they can do in a senior game. Nick Fisher and Joe Evans split the weekend and they both played great! Let me tell you a little more about those two American box lacrosse goalies.

They are both field lacrosse goaltenders and the transition to box was, at first, not an easy task. The stance, the reflexes, the angles and the overall game is so different for a goalie. I would probably be a horrible field lacrosse goalie coming from box lacrosse and hockey.

Joe is more experienced than Nick. He has faced some really good shooters in Vermont, Québec and in Revere. He also tried out for the Boston Rockhopper’s last winter and looked really good during the whole process. As of right now you could not tell Joe hasn’t played box lacrosse for a long time. He knows the game very well and looks really comfortable in the net. He is athletic, big and strong and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him wear the Rockhopper’s jersey in the near future.

Nick has been playing box lacrosse for two years now. He doesn’t look anything like he used to a year ago in the net. I was incredibly impressed to see him play in a high tempo game this past weekend. He is a very calm goalie and never seems to get out of his game. He is also a hard working guy who always shows up first at practices.

Nick makes the most of every minute he passes on the floor. It was a privilege to be the backup of those two goalies this past weekend. The future looks bright for American box lacrosse goalies with dedicated people like them (and of course Mr. Pat Crosby)! It goes to show that hard work can pay off if you follow the first rule!

We are off next weekend so I will be back in two weeks.
Until next time.