What Do the Rattlers Need for Next Year

The Rochester Rattlers had one of the most impressive seasons this year, especially when you think that they went 6-8 during their 2013 campaign. The Rattlers were able to garner the top seed in the MLL playoffs, with a record of 10-4.

During the last draft the Rattlers were able to draft Jordan Wolf, Miles and Ty Thompson, and Mark Cockerton. Now Ty Thompson only played in one game and Miles missed a few games due to the World Championships.

The Rattlers made due though with a number of other players like the now retired Kevin Leiveille, Jordan MacIntosh, and Justin Turri. They were also buoyed by great play by goalie John Galloway who had a goals against average of 11.16 and a save percentage of 55.6 percent. The Rattlers also had some great play from defenders like Mike Manly, John Lade and Donny Moss.

In all reality the Rattlers need very little in new players for next season’s team. Now this only makes sense if they are able to get their players on the field, guys like Ty Thompson and Mark Mathews. The only position that could use some bolstering would be their midfield who was led by Justin Turri, Dave Lawson, John Ranagan, and Jordan MacIntosh. Unfortunately after those four players the midfield was relatively weak. The Rattlers could very easily find some good midfielders in the 2015 Draft, players like Wesley Berg, Kip Orban, and Ryan Tucker. All three would be instant impact guys in the Rattlers offense.

The Rattlers are set up to win championships, and very nearly got one this year. Very little really needs to be done in Rochester to get that last win in August.