What to Expect in the 2012 MLL All Star Game

This year’s All-Star Game is being held in Florida, and probably for a good reason. For those that read Jack Good’s article on MLL Expansion into Florida know that the MLL is very possibly looking to expand and send a team to Florida. So because the game is in Florida this year, expect the MLL to go all out in giving the fans the best possible game they can. If the MLL wants to send a team to Florida they need a strong showing today and need to get the state of Florida to back them up.

Expect to see a high-scoring, very exciting game. Both the Old-School and Young Gun rosters are stacked with star power. There will be lots of exciting plays; diving goals, two-pointers, magnificent saves, anything to give the crowd a good show. With all the star power that the game is bringing to Boca Raton, excitement will not be hard to find. Some of our senior writers made picks for the game today, and all but one of them had it being a high scoring game. Exciting/high scoring games mean high ratings and that’s exactly what the goal is.

Being “Young Guns”, they’re all going to want to come out and show that they deserve to win the game. The Young Guns are going to try and show the Old School team that they are the new face of the MLL and that younger is better. However, with the big names and talent that the Old School team brings, don’t count them out. The Old School team is going to want to show that they still run the show and that the Young Guns still have a lot to learn. With each team wanting to prove something, there is sure to be lots of aggressive and awesome plays.

The All-Star Game is being aired on ESPN2 tonight at 7:50 eastern time. Since the game is being aired on a popular network, the viewing should be very good. Not only will lacrosse fans be watching, but so will many people and families that are flipping channels looking for something fun to watch. So make sure to tune in to ESPN2 at 7:50 and help support the MLL!

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