Whitby Warriors Weekend Recap

This weekend the Whitby Warriors took on the Six Nations Arrows in back to back games on Saturday and Sunday night. These were two big games for both teams as they were  battling for first place going into Saturday night’s game. The winner of these two games would improve their position in the OJALL with the season quickly coming to a close.

On Saturday night Whitby defeated Six Nations 11-7 and took the first game of this weekend series. The Warriors offense got off to an early start by scoring 2 quick goals to take a 2-0 lead. Six Nations would score two goals in the period but Whitby were able to extend their lead by scoring 4 more goals in order to take a 6-2 lead at the end of the first period. In the second period Whitby and Six Nations both showed off their defensive skills. The Six Nations defense held Whitby to just 2 goals in the period while Whitby held Six Nations to just a single goal in the period. After two periods of play the score was 8-3. In the third period Six Nations finally got their offense going and started a comeback by scoring 2 goals to open the third period. Whitby Though quickly squashed the Six Nations comeback by scoring 2 goals and extending their lead. Six Nations would come no closer as Whitby would win the game 11-7. Whitby was lead on offense by Curtis Knight as he had 2 goals and 2 assists and was named first star of the game. Six Nations top star was Johnny Powless as he had 5 assists on the night. Whitby was able to draw first blood in this series and took control of first place in the league.

The Second game of this series went differently on Sunday Night as Six Nations handed Whitby their third loss of the season defeating them 13-7. Six Nations took control of this game early as they outscored Whitby 7-1 in the first period. Whitby would respond in the second period by scoring 3 goals to open the second period. Six Nations extended their lead by scoring 3 more goals in the period. Whitby though would continue to draw close by scoring 2 more goals in the period. The score was 10-6 after two periods of play. Six Nations would shutdown Whitby in the third period by scoring 3 straight goals to open the period and held Whitby to just one goal in the period.With the win Six Nations moves within two points of Whitby for first place in the league. Johnny Powless was able to dominate Whitby on Sunday night as he had 5 goals and 3 assists on the night. Six Nations proved in this game that their offense can stand toe to toe with Whitby on offense. Whitby lost this game due to their inability to shutdown Six Nations offense and their inability to break open Six Nations defense.

These were two of the biggest games this season in the OJALL and these two teams showed how evenly matched they are by splitting the series. Expect these two teams paths to cross again in the playoffs.