Wolves’ Den: Q&A With Andrew Suitor

Tonight the New England Black Wolves will face division rivals Minnesota Swarm. It will also be the New England debut of Andrew Suitor, the former Swarm captain.

Q: How does it feel to be a Black Wolf?

A: I am very excited to be a Black Wolf and get going with a bunch of new teammates!

Q: What will it feel like playing Minnesota this week?

A: It will be a little awkward playing against so many good friends this weekend. It’s part of sports though. I am going to give everything I have to my new teammates and try and help us come out with a big four points this weekend.

Q: Were you surprised to be traded?

A: I was a bit surprised. You always hear rumblings but when I got the actual call I was caught off guard. But I’m excited for a fresh start with a team I feel is just scratching the surface.

Q: How does it feel to be in the same position as Minnesota, fighting for a playoff spot?

A: It is added motivation for sure. I feel that the Black Wolves have what it takes to make the playoffs and make some serious noise when we get it in. You respect every team in the league but this team is capable of a big run and it’s going to start Friday night.


What are your expectations with New England?

“I expect us to come in an battle and put together a nice run and push for playoffs. Talking with the coaches and players there are high expectations and I feel we have the talent and right mix of players to conquer our goals.”