Women’s: Last Fall Ball Week a Big One

October 26th and 27th mark a huge weekend for Women’s Fall Ball, with well over 30 games being played over the course of two days. Games include individual match-ups, but also tournaments occurring all over the country. This weekend, the entire nation gets a little taste of what fall lacrosse is all about, as games will be played in New Jersey, Virginia, California, Massachusetts, Delaware, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

On Saturday, Boston College, Boston University, UConn, Stony Brook, and UMass will all take part in a small tournament in Boston, while the Duke Fall Invitational will kick off on Sunday. Smaller tournaments include JMU Play Day and Delaware Play Day on Saturday, with the last of the games being played Sunday between Temple and Florida.

Of all the talented teams participating across the country, be sure to keep a close eye on Duke and Stony Brook in their respected tournaments. Both of these teams finished just shy of the Top 5 last season, and have since improved their squads. Of the top 50 teams in Division I lacrosse, 22 are participating in this weekend’s fall ball events, so expect an impressive display of talent.