2012 NLL Breakout Players: Minnesota Swarm

Who are the best players in lacrosse? In the NLL, players like Dan Dawson, John Grant Jr, Tyler Richards and Brodie Merrill just to name a few. In MLL, you would see names like Paul Rabil, Ned Crotty and even a young player like Steele Stanwick.

Yesterday we looked at who you might already be looking at as break out stars. We used players who had not yet played a game, but today we are going to look at players with pro experience who could break out.

Josh Gilliam- Gilliam has a tough roster to crack with a lot of Minnesota lefty shooters, but he has the talent where he could become an important part of the offense. He scored four goals in six games in his rookie NLL season in 2012, but has experience in Canada, winning a Minto and Mann Cup. He has re-signed for the 2013 season and we could see him break out.

Matt Kelly– Minnesota has only three defenders on the left side, so they will be relying on someone like Kelly. In his two NLL seasons he has never scored a point, but Minnesota isn’t looking for that. He’s a stay at home defenseman that will need to man his spot.

Tyler Hass– Hass became a pretty good player in 2012 when he played in 14 games. A transition player, he scored his career high ten points in 2011 in just nine games. Can Hass put up more points? If he can, the righty shooter could become a big impact player.

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