Meet an NLL Prospect: Curtis Knight

Curtis Knight was the second player picked for the Rush on draft day, and I caught up with him to discuss it.

What was draft day like for you?

The draft day was a completely new experience for me.  I did not know what to expect going in, it was very nerve racking but also a very exciting day

What went on in your head before the draft began?

Before the draft began i was just hoping to be picked up and have the opportunity to play professional lacrosse.  I wasn’t thinking about any specific team that i would be drafted by, I was just sitting nervously waiting for my name to be called.

Were your expectations any different?

The draft was exciting for me and it definitely met my expectations.  It was a fun experience and i am glad i decided to attend the draft.

What interaction have you had with the Rush since the draft?

On the night of the draft the Edmonton Rush took all the drafted players out for dinner.  And since that night i have received emails from the head coach Derek Keenan with the dates of the upcoming training camps.

What are your thoughts on joining Edmonton?

I am very happy and honoured to be picked by Edmonton.  I currently play for Derek Keenan on the Whitby Warriors and i have played with Mark Matthews, Michael Cudmore and John Lafontaine in the past.  I am hoping that this will make the transition into the NLL a little easier for me.

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