2015 NCAA Bracket: Lacrosse Edition

Every year we fill out NCAA brackets based on the teams in the games. That’s boring, right? It’s much more fun to do it based on the OTHER sports at the school. So, why not lacrosse? Here we go.

Midwest- 64 Bracket

Kentucky vs Hampton/Manhattan

Manhattan has to take this one since they are a Division One team, albeit the worst Division One team. Also, Kentucky is 0-3 in the MCLA which technically isn’t last place because they are ranked ahead of 2-2 George Washington. And Hampton doesn’t have a team, so Manhattan wins.

Purdue vs Cincinnati

Purdue is 0-4 in the MCLA, so they’re pretty bad. However, the Cincinnati Bearcats are just 1-0 in the NCLL, which is a weaker division than the MCLA. Purdue Boilermakers win.

Buffalo vs West Virginia

At 3-1, the Buffalo Bulls are the top team in their division. West Virginia is 0-2 after two of their games were cancelled. Out of the two MCLA teams, Buffalo takes this game.

Maryland vs Valparisio

Couldn’t tell if Valparisio has a team or not anywhere, but Maryland is one of the top teams in the country so they win this game by a lot anyways.

Texas vs Butler

Texas is 2-7 in a very tough MCLA division where they would be in dead last. It appears like Butler hasn’t played since 2013 so the Longhorns still win.

Northeastern vs Notre Dame

At 2-0, Northeastern is second in their MCLA division and are a pretty good team. However, Notre Dame is one of the best teams in the NCAA Division One so they have to take this game.

Indiana vs Wichita State

With a 2-1 record the Indiana Hoosiers are in second place in their MCLA division. Wichita State is in something called the Great Plains Lacrosse League and their website is down. Indiana wins.

Kansas vs New Mexico State

Kansas is 1-2 in the MCLA in a division that is pretty much Big Ten schools (Iowa, Nebraska, etc). Looks like New Mexico State doesn’t have a team, but New Mexico does and is 0-3. Kansas wins in both cases.

32 Bracket

Manhattan vs Purdue

Manhattan is a beneficiary of there not being many other NCAA Division one teams, so they continue to win, defeating Purdue who is a bad club team.

Buffalo vs Maryland

While Buffalo is pretty solid for the league they play in, Maryland is just a better team for obvious reasons. They are a top ten ranked team in Division One playing in the toughest lacrosse conference in the country.

Texas vs Notre Dame

Texas is bad and Notre Dame is good, leagues aside. But to discuss them like we did with Maryland, the Fighting Irish just don’t even belong against these teams.

Indiana vs Kansas

Indiana is 2-1 and Kansas is 1-2, so to make things easy, Indiana wins.

16 Bracket

Manhattan vs Maryland

This is nearly as bad as Buffalo against Maryland. Manhattan had a nice run.

Notre Dame vs Indiana

Whenever I see lacrosse games that could be football games that are relevant it’s exciting, and you can start thinking of state rivalries right away. Notre Dame dominates.

8 Bracket

Notre Dame vs Maryland

Notre Dame is ranked at three and Maryland ranked at five. The Fighting Irish have four wins and the Terps five, so going to go with Maryland to advance.

West- 64 Bracket

Coastal Carolina vs Wisconsin

Coastal Carolina (historically a good baseball team) is in the MCLA Division Two where they are 2-4 but in third place in their conference. Wisconsin plays in the Great Lakes Lacrosse League (some sort of club level) and their website says it’s $550 to play. Coastal Carolina takes this one.

Oregon vs Oklahoma State

At 1-4, the Oregon Ducks have struggled in a good MCLA conference. Oklahoma State is 5-1 in the MCLA’s Division Two. While they are a division behind, the Cowboys still win because they are a more solid team.

Wofford vs Arkansas

Arkansas is 2-4 and according to the MCLA’s website have their own conference they are first and last in. Wofford has a club team but their record is no where to be found, so Razorbacks take this one.

North Carolina vs Harvard

A rare matchup of two division one teams. Both are good teams and ranked, but this game actually happened the other day and the Tar Heels won, so they will move on.

Ole Miss vs Xavier

Ole Miss is 1-7 in the MCLA, so that’s really bad. Xavier is 1-0 in the NCLL, but Ole Miss is so bad that Xavier will win this game despite being a lower league.

Georgia State vs Baylor

Being in last place in a Division Two MCLA conference is bad, and that’s where Georgia State is. Baylor is 1-3 in the Division One portion of the MCLA, so it seems fair to say they would beat Georgia State.

Ohio State vs VCU

Ohio State is a Division One team, and a pretty good one at that. Virginia Commonwealth does have a team, but it’s in the NCLL and they are 0-1 in it. This looks like an easy one for the Buckeyes.

Texas Southern vs Arizona

Historically, the Arizona Wildcats have been an elite MCLA team, and that remains true as they are 7-2. Texas Southern apparently does have a team but it’s impossible to find their record. Even if they are 10-0, Arizona wins.

32 Bracket

Coastal Carolina vs Oklahoma State

These teams are in the same division which makes things interesting. They don’t play this season and the Cowboys are a top team in the league so they would have to win here.

Arkansas vs North Carolina

D1 against a mediocre club team gives the Tar Heels a win every single time.

Xavier vs Baylor

Xavier basically had nothing going on. It’s not like Baylor did either but they’re in a better league and have a single win, so they advance.

Ohio State vs Arizona

If any MCLA team could compete with an NCAA team, it would be Arizona. However, Ohio State is just too good of a D1 team for that.

16 Bracket

Oklahoma State vs North Carolina

Baylor vs Ohio State

We know how both of these games end with the Division One teams advancing.

8 Bracket

North Carolina vs Ohio State

Ranked number two in the country, North Carolina is 9-0. Ohio State is good too at 7-2 but it has to be the Tar Heels that advance.

East- 64 Bracket

Villanova vs Lafayette

Other than just one other game in the last bracket, here is one of the only pure NCAA D1 games. Villanova is 5-2, a ranked team, and have been a surprisingly good team all season. Lafayette is 1-6 and not very good, so the Wildcats take this one.

LSU vs NC State

LSU is 7-3 and they lead their conference in the MCLA. NC State is 3-1 and are in second place in their MCLA conference. Both teams are pretty solid but the Tigers win this.

Northern Iowa vs Wyoming

The Cowboys are 0-2 in possibly the worst MCLA Division Two conference. Northern Iowa is nowhere close to having a lacrosse team so Wyoming has to win here.

UC Irvine vs Louisville

UC Irvine is 1-8, which is one of the worst records in the MCLA Division Two. Louisville has yet to play a game in the NCLL this year, so that means UC Irvine somehow wins.

Dayton vs Providence

Dayton is 5-0 in the MCLA’s Division Two. Providence is 4-3 in the NCAA’s Division One. Friars win despite the Flyers being a decent club.

Albany vs Oklahoma

Oklahoma is 5-2 and tied for first place in their MCLA Division One conference. Albany is 4-1 and have been having a solid season themselves in the NCAA. They win this game.

Michigan State vs Georgia

Michigan State is 1-4 and having a rough year in the MCLA Division One. Gerogia is 4-0 and a very good club in the same league so they win.

Belmont vs Virginia

I spent over a half hour trying to look up if Belmont had lacrosse and then realized Virginia would win anyways so it doesn’t matter.

32 Bracket

Villanova vs LSU

LSU really is a solid club team but they just couldn’t compete with a ranked D1 team. Villanova advances.

Wyoming vs UC Irvine

Why is this called the east bracket? Wyoming and California are no where near the east. Is this like that time Boise State was almost in the Big East? Wyoming wins.

Providence vs Albany

Here’s a D1 game. Providence is good, and they have played two more games than Albany. The teams don’t play each other this year, but let’s add the Lyle Thompson factor and give the win to the Danes.

Georgia vs Virginia

Georgia really is a good team, kind of like LSU, but once again, this is Virginia.

16 Bracket

Villanova vs Wyoming


Albany vs Virginia

Obviously, Albany could compete in this game. But as a 5-2 ACC team, the Virginia Cavaliers have to advance.

8 Bracket

Villanova vs Virginia

Virginia is 5-2 and ranked ninth in the country. Villanova is also 5-2 but ranked 16th. This is a really even matchup on paper so we have to look at their opponents this year. The Cavs have wins over Loyola, Drexel, Rutgers, St Josephs, and Cornell. Villanova has defeated Drexel, Penn State, Delaware, Penn, and Lehigh. Have to go with Villanova here it seems like.

South- 64 Bracket

Robert Morris vs Duke

This bracket has annoyed me right away because only one D1 team can move on really. Still, Duke beats the other D1 Robert Morris here.

St John’s vs San Diego State

St. John’s is an average D1 team and San Diego State is a 7-1 MCLA team. If we were going to have an upset it could probably be here but the Red Storm will take it still.

Utah vs Stephen F Austin

Utah is a 1-5 MCLA mediocre team. Stephen F Austin is a Division Two MCLA team that is 5-1. We are going to have a lower seed win!

East Washington vs Georgetown

As far as I can tell, Eastern Washington doesn’t have a team and Georgetown wins anyways.


UCLA is 6-2 in the MCLA Division One and is historically a pretty decent team. SMU hasn’t updated their website since 2012. Do the math.

Iowa State vs UAB

Iowa State is a mediocre 1-2 in the MCLA. UAB’s Facebook page says they played a game but didn’t have a score so I’m confused and Cyclones win.

Iowa vs Davidson

Iowa is 4-1 and in second place in their MCLA division. Davidson is 0-5 in the MCLA’s Division Two. Hawkeyes advance.

North Dakota State vs Gonzaga

North Dakota State is 4-1 in MCLA Division Two and I’m partial towards them because ILWT writer Alex Urquhart played there. Gonzaga is 2-3 anyways so the Bison move on.

32 Bracket

Duke vs St. John’s

Duke, the defending champions, win despite facing a legitimate Division One team.

Stephen F Austin vs Georgetown

Stephen F Austin is one of the better teams in the MCLA’s Division Two. They could probably compete for a title over there. However, in this fake bracket, D1 Hoyas win every time.

UCLA vs Iowa State

Iowa advanced by default and UCLA is a much better team.

Iowa vs North Dakota State

These teams have the same exact record so have to go with the MCLA D1 Iowa Hawkeyes in this case.

16 Bracket

Duke vs Georgetown

Georgetown is 5-3 and has been a surprise this season. However, once again, Blue Devils are the dominant team no matter who they play.

UCLA vs Iowa

Iowa, once again, is a solid club and deserve to be here. But UCLA is still better.

8 Bracket

Duke vs UCLA

This is the most annoying bracket in this tournament because a club team has to move on, but Duke wipes them out and does get to the final four.

Final Four

Oddly, this bracket is plausible in the world of basketball in some ways.

Maryland vs North Carolina

Villanova vs Duke

This appears to be heading to a matchup of Carolina teams with fourth ranked Duke and second ranked UNC. Will North Carolina be the Kentucky of this tournament as an undefeated team?