AJ Laffin Speaks on the Kingfish Loss in Kentucky

The Rhode Island Kingfish played their first game in franchise history on Saturday night in Kentucky. We caught up with forward AJ Laffin about the action.

1. What was it like playing your first game?

-Probably one of the best experiences I have ever had playing. I had my first chance to play professional lacrosse with 2 of my close friends/teammates against a couple other close friends in a great arena. Our team is very supportive and always backs each other up. I have never played with a team that is this positive. Great things are happening in Rhode Island.

2. How was the team chemistry?

-Starting with warm-ups and throughout the game the chemistry was growing every second. I’m very proud of our team and coaching staff. The coaches knew right from the start of what to expect from Kentucky and because of our coaches I think all of our chemistry grew more and more. Even though we lost, no one gave up and everyone was playing as hard as possible. I think there is nothing but up from here for the kingfish.

3. What do you need to do against Baltimore?

-Baltimore is going be a tough one. They have a very good goalie in net with a lot of experience. As long as we stay together and keep supporting each other positively, I think we will give them a good fight.