All-Name March Madness 2019: Round 2

Welcome to round two of ILWT’s all-name March Madness fun! Yesterday we narrowed the field from 64 players to 32. Will our defending champ Shack Stanwick make it back to the sweet 16? Read on to find out!


1 Shackleford Stanwick, Atlas
8 Challen Rogers, Boston Cannons

Right now nobody is competing with Shack.

Winner: 1 Shackleford Stanwick, Atlas


12 Carson Song, Brown
4 Hampton Brannon, UMass

Hampton is a great first name but so is Carson. It comes down to the last name and Carson Song will keep singing along to the next round.

Winner: 12 Carson Song, Brown


6 Jack Starr, Yale
3 Wilkins Dismuke, Dallas Rattlers

Dismuke last year lost in the Sweet 16 and Starr fell in the second round. Starr once again falls in the second round.

Winner: 3 Wilkins Dismuke, DAL


7 Cade Saustad, Virginia
2 Forrest Lambert, Denver Outlaws

Forrest made a deep run last year to the Sweet 16 as a 10 seed. But Cade Saustad is a great name. I think it is a toss up, but in the end, Cade Saustad is just a better name. Forrest’s hopes for a title are gonna end in the second round.

Winner: 7 Cade Saustad, Virginia

Tehoka Nanticoke tries to get around Will Stabbert. Albany @ Drexel. (Photo credit: Laura Kupsey)


1 Deemer Class, Chaos
9 Brock Turnbaugh, Atlanta Blaze

Deemer Class > Brock Turnbaugh. That’s all I really have to say. Deemer Class is just a better name.

Winner: 1 Deemer Class, CHAOS

5 Tehoka Nanticoke, Albany
4 Bailey Tills, Atlanta Blaze

Last year both these guys fell in the second round. My heart is telling me to go with my gut and take my guy Bailey because Bailey is a sick name. But in the end I just can’t do it.

Winner: 5 Tehoka Nanticoke, Albany

11 Will Rock, Virginia
3 Raines Shamburger, Duke

Raines Shamburger is just a better name, sorry Will.

Winner: 3 Raines Shamburger, Duke

7 Quentin Buchman, Notre Dame
2 Dox Aitken, Virginia

Sorry Q, but the junior Dox Aitken moves on.

Winner: 2 Dox Aitken, Virginia



1 Wheaton Jackoboice, Notre Dame
9 Hayden Cheek, Harvard

I really want to take Hayden since his brother Morgan was the one to beat the first #1 seed last year. But the runner up isn’t losing this early.

Winner: 1 Wheaton Jackoboice, Notre Dame


12 Watson Cheek, Harvard
13 Mike Manley, Chrome

One Cheek goes down, it’s next one up. And Watson isn’t losing in the second round; he moves on.

Winner: 12 Watson Cheek, Harvard


6 Brody Wilson, Yale
3 Declan Swartwood, St. John’s

If Brody had a better last name I would have given him more thought to move on but Declan Swartwood wins easily here.

Winner: 3 Declan Swartwood, St. John’s


7 Kian Olexo, Virginia
2 Reed Junkin, UPenn

This is a real battle right here. I love both these names. Reed Junkin is a senior for UPenn and has been a four-year starter between the pipes for them. Olexo has yet to play a game for the Cavaliers as a freshman, so with that in mind I just can’t take the upset because it’s such a close one.

Winner: 2 Reed Junkin, UPenn



1 Wellington Stanwick, ATL (2017)
8 Teioshontathe McComber, Albany

This may have been the biggest battle in the bracket. This is a championship-type battle in the second round. Both names are rare names – Teioshontathe McComber, that is an amazing name, but going up against the legend Wellington Stanwick is a really tough battle. In the end I asked the people and they gave me their answer. And it was a blow out with 63% of the vote going to…

Winner: 1 Wellington Stanwick, ATL (2017)


5 Keegan Khan, Villanova
4 Colin Heacock, Chesapeake Bayhawks

Heacock great name I really do love it… but Keegan Khan is just a little bit better of a name in my mind.

Winner: 5 Keegan Khan, Villanova


6 Blaze Riorden, Chaos
3 Steele Stanwick, Chesapeake Bayhawks

The dynasty for the Stanwick family continues. Blaze makes things interesting but Steele just squeaks by.

Winner: 3 Steele Stanwick, CHES


10 Knute Kraus, Boston Cannons
2 Alexander Trippi, UNC

Down goes the two seed! Knute Kraus just sounds great when you say the name. Sorry Trippi, no Sweet 16 appearance for you.

Winner: 10 Knute Kraus, BOS

Tomorrow: the Sweet 16! We have our top players – who will make it to the Elite Eight?