Anthony Chase: “NALL Ended on a High Note”

The first season of the North American Lacrosse League has come to an end with the Boston Rockhoppers as the 2013 champions. They defeated the Kentucky Stickhorses by a score of 25-13, but despite that, owner Anthony Chase believes the season ended on a high note.

“I think the league ended on a high note with a Championship game. We had our struggles, but the goal all along was to crown a proper Champion and we did just that.”

Those after mentioned struggles of course are the Baltimore Bombers leaving mid season and the Rhode Island Kingfish never having a proper season without a home arena.

“The only ending that would have made me more proud is if we had been crowned the Champion.” said Chase. “However, as I said our goal was to do that and we did.”

The Stickhorses struggled this season to finish with a 2-6 overall record, and Chase says that had to do with defense and transition. “Our team obviously did not play as well as I would have liked, but they gelled as a group as the season went on. We struggled defensively and in transition, but other than the blowout in the Championship, we were mostly a 1 or 2 goal deficit.

“Boston clearly put together the best team. Lacrosse wise they were the class of the league. Tyler and Jason are great guys and deserved the trophy. They will improve on the game day “experience” as time goes by.”

There are rumors everywhere of expansion teams and, as expected, Chase would not comment on them. “As you know, I won’t comment on unannounced teams, but will suffice to say we have several in varying stages of making a commitment.”

The future looks bright for the North American Lacrosse League despite some struggles. We end it with Chase expressing the same sentiment. “I believe this time next year we will have crowned a second Champion an will have done so with an actual playoff. More to come after the owners meeting in May.”