NCAA: Holy Cross Takes on Vermont


Vermont has been very inconsistent with holding the lead late in games. They seem to lose their confidence when they are behind in any of the games this season; As a result their record is a depressing 2-5, which describes the type of season they are having. Last week Vermont put on an impressive show against Wagner outscoring them at every possession. The final score was 15-6. The Wagner game should give Vermont confidence against Holy Cross.

The key victory for Vermont to even have a chance in this game would be outshooting and getting more ground balls than Holy Cross. Andrew Buckanavage and Augie Remien needs to push the pace as they did in the Wagner game.

Holy Cross:

Holy Cross was very impressive with the win over Navy. That was a team effort to beat Navy and come out on top, but as the time moves forward, Holy Cross needs to be focused with Vermont. The Crusaders are a 4-3 team and looks very dangerous as the season starts to unfold. Reed Kennedy had 6 ground balls to secure the upset win over Navy. Kennedy is the key factor to earning a victory over Vermont.

Keys to Victory:

Reed Kennedy showed last week that he can be a defensive presence. He will be a factor in this game only if he continues his streak with getting after ground balls

Andrew Buckanavage needs to attack attack attack the middle of the field. He showed leadership in that game and that was a huge win that Vermont needed.