Crawford Blog: Swarm Win Over Knighthawks

February 13, 2015

Another game, another flight, another delay and another missed connection. I love flying from Ottawa (sarcasm). Usually I deal with these issues on my own as I never fly with anyone from the team. This time I’m lucky enough to have my brother Ian who’s coming in for the game to fly with. That means he get’s to take all my pissing and moaning, complaining and terrible attitude. We get…


Crawford Blog: Swarm Lose in Buffalo

February 5, 2015

Game Four This weekends game is really exciting for me. We are playing in Buffalo which mean’s it is close enough to home that i can drive to the game. I am bringing my fiancé and my new baby to the game. This will be his first ever lacrosse game. We pack up the car with all the necessary baby accessories to be staying at a hotel for the weekend…


Crawford Blog: Swarm Win in New England

January 30, 2015

Game 3 Delay Delay Delay! This travel day I actually got the whole day to spend at home with the family because I didn’t fly out until 7 pm at night. Actually let me rephrase, I wasn’t supposed to fly out until 7 pm which then turned into 8 pm. I landed in Washington for my connecting flight just in time to make my connection, (Well, just in time for…


Crawford Blog: Swarm Get First Win

January 14, 2015

The Flight I arrived at the Ottawa airport a little early, so I figured I would check out the maple leaf lounge since I’ve been a long time Aeroplan member and Star Alliance silver. I walked in and it was like a traveler’s heaven! Leather Lazy boy type seating everywhere, self-serve all you can eat buffet, self serve all you can drink and so much more! I have to ask…


Crawford Blog: Swarm Season Begins

January 6, 2015

Day Before the Game Boarding finally begins at 4:30pm, walking on board my first little plane to Chicago then eventually to Minnesota for our season opener. Of course right when I walk on I see my old faithful 2 seats on one side and one seat on the other plane. I need to basically duck walk down the isle to my seat. As nice as it is to be tall…


Crawford Blog: Last Week Of Camp

December 24, 2014

Last weekend of camp is usually always just a few days before the holidays. Over the last few years this has been my favorite weekend of camp because the staff always has some team bonding events for us. This weekend we don’t have any exhibitions or scrimmages against other teams on the schedule just two practices and our annual Nut Cracker Blue and Yellow game. There is usually a lot…


Crawford Blog: Camp Winds Down

December 17, 2014

With some really great feelings after the first weekend of camp, there is a lot of momentum going into our second weekend. The time line for this weekend is much the same as the previous one without the long trip to Rochester. At Friday’s practice coaches pushed us pretty hard, and with a few cuts already made it meant extra reps for everyone. Coach Sully’s practices are up-tempo and do…


Crawford Blog: Swarm Win Two in a Row

December 11, 2014

I’ve had the first day of camp marked on my calendar for quite some time and as the days drew nearer the excitement to begin the season grew. With all of the desire to play it never really sinks in that it’s starting until you’re bags are packed and you’re your way to the airport. Once I walked into the Ottawa international airport the all too familiar feeling set in….


Crawford Blog: Tis the Season

December 2, 2014

Brought to you by Traditional Lacrosse; It’s not just a game, it’s a tradition.  Snow is on the ground, lights are hanging from houses, trees are decorated and the festive season is upon us. It can only mean one thing, the beginning of training camp. Officially training camp season is among us and as players the life style of 4 days at home 3 days on the road begins. This…