Cavs 2-0 To Start Season

The Virginia Cavaliers are continuing to rebuild this team. Last year they had lost Steele Stanwick and Chris Bocklet who had contributed to the Cavaliers win.

The line up for the Cavaliers has changed tremendously. They have a lot of new faces on the team. Nick O’Reilly has to be a big factor. He has not played due to a year suspension in 2011. In the 2011 tournament, O’Reily had turned on the jets and made scoring look easy. He brings a lot of experience and he defines the term game changer. He has the ability to change the game around with his prolific scoring abilites.

There has been speculation that Matt White will be playing limited as an attack man. His best strength is playing the midfield. Many fans think with White as the attack man the team will have a better shot at getting to the goal.

Getting goals to fall have been a constant problem for the Cavaliers. This year O’Reilly needs to carry this team on his back. They need him to become a leader and lead this young, inexperienced team. Virginia needs the new players to learn the system and not turn the ball over. Having turnovers will limit the offensive possessions and force the Cavaliers to play defense.

There are high expectations for the Cavaliers. I do not expect them to disappoint.