Notre Dame Defeats Penn State in Overtime

On Sunday, two of these top ten teams showed why they still can compete at a top notch level. Freshman Matt Kavanagh was the hero. He had scored the go-ahead goal to push Notre Dame to victory.

Last year, Penn State had won against Notre Dame 4-3, but today was a different outcome. Neither team had  more than a two goal margin. The game was very physical and had fans biting their nails at every possession.

The ending of regulation was wild; both teams had scored three goals in the last 24 seconds to take the game into sudden death. In overtime, both teams had buckled down their defense, but Matt had found an opening and scored a victory.

Look forward to the next time these two teams will play. Every time they compete the games are thrilling and keeps fans wanting more. Players have been asked,” Do you see this game turning into a rivalry?” It is not a rivalry just yet, but when it is a rivalry, it is a compliment to both of these organizations.

Notre Dame improves their record 15-5 overall against Penn State. While Penn State walks away with a lost, they have nothing to complain about. They had stopped Notre Dame high powered offense and almost beat them in overtime. With a win under their belt, Notre Dame is considered as one of the teams to win the tournament this year.