Is Cosmo Still the Answer in Buffalo?

October 18, 2013

Anthony Cosmo has been around the league, both in years and geographies. He has participated on five different NLL teams from the Toronto Rock to Washington (San Jose) Stealth, to Boston, to Minnesota, and finally now in Buffalo.   Most people understand that there are hardships both professionally and personally throughout life. Cosmo’s career hardships are quite clear themselves: geographical changes, team/coach/community support alterations, and distances.   Let us take…


Diachenko Brings New Depth to Bandits

October 8, 2013

Coach Troy Cordingley must be in my head; or is it the other way around? I mean, come on! I’m talking about the Buffalo Bandits and how they should reinvent themselves; as I think of a solution the improvement is made. Nick Diachenko of Delaware Men’s Lacrosse was a standout at school along with one or two others. He stands six foot and 180 pounds. Picked 14th overall in this…


Smith Brings Stability to Bandits D

October 5, 2013

Just this past Wednesday, I brought up the fact that the Buffalo Bandits will have a struggle ahead of them in replacing Jon Harasym. Though the National Lacrosse League is full of players ranging from 19 to 45, the median age seems to be 26-27 years old. When looking at those retiring, the majority seem to be doing so in their mid-30s.       Steenhuis and Watt are both 28…


Bandits Will Struggle to Replace Harasym

October 2, 2013

The Buffalo Bandits since entering a one year contract in 2009 have held high reliance and respect in Jon Harasym. Four years ago, the Bandits signed the most players at once in recent history. Some of the other names included Jon Arnold, Darryl Gibson, Isaiah Kicknosway, Brian Coswell and Scott Komer. Among them and others contracted, Harasym continued to thrive, and created himself into one of the (if not the)…