Blackwolves Talk: American Field Players Not Returning


This off season we plan on going one on one with every general manager in the National Lacrosse League to discuss the latest news. We spoke with Blane Harrison of the New England Black Wolves this week. Below are notes on four main areas of preseason talk with NLL teams.

Trades: [Jamie] Lincoln brings quality depth to our left side. We are expecting that he will compete for a regular spot and contribute goals. We want to give [Mike] Burke a real opportunity to see if he can fulfill the promise of his Jr A numbers. Would love to see if he can claim the number four spot on right side then how knows from there.

Really can’t replace Brodie [Merrill] especially in locker room from a leadership perspective but we will try, for example, [Kevin] Crowley.

Free Agency: We really haven’t changed our approach to free agent camp which was successful for us last year. However we are attracting really good players from the area by us just being there. [Kevin] Buchanan has signed and will be back. The rest [American players like Paul Rabil and Kyle Hartzell] are doubtful.

Pre Season Battles: Evan Kirk is returning as our number one. Kevin Croswell also coming back. We have a number of kids coming out to camp to fight for practice squad position and maybe push for number two.

Kevin [Crowley] has real opportunity to take this team and make it his own. We will challenge him to claim a true leadership role. Additionally, we want guys like [Brett] Bucktooth, Buchanan, Burke etc. to create space for Kevin and play off Kevin to be threats and make room for him.